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What We Value



Trove values experience and credentials, but more than anything, we seek caregivers with the right heart posture for service. Our team stands alone in our dedication to compassion, humility, and servant leadership and we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to recruit and retain the best care team in Charlottesville. We welcome a vast array of caregivers with a wide variety of specializations and skills to ensure compatibility with and coverage for each of our clients, and we possess one of the strongest training platforms in all of private-duty home care.

How We Support  

Care Management

 One common challenge for caregivers is feeling a lack of direction, purpose, and support within agency relationships.  Trove care managers exist to remove obstacles for caregivers in client relationships, so caregivers can do what they do best.

Career Mobility

For some, becoming a Trove caregiver is the first step toward other career aspirations in the healthcare world.  Our administrators appreciate this reality and do our best to create opportunities and open doors for meaningful and high-paying work while you progress in your growth plans.

What We Do

What exactly does a Trove caregiver do?

  • Trove caregivers (companions and personal care aides) visit clients’ homes and provide assistance with their daily lifestyles.
  • Companions provide “hands-off” care services like administrative assitance, cooking, laundry, light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, pet care, and transportation and errand support.
  • Personal care aides provide “hands-on” care services like ambulation and transfer support, grooming assistance, continence management, exercise guidance, feeding aid, and help with personal hygiene.

Does Trove really offer the highest wages in Charlottesville?

  • Yes!  Our starting CNA wage starts at $23 per hour and our Base+ Program allows caregivers to earn up to $25 per hour, in effect enabling caregivers to dictate what they want to be paid.
  • Trove also provides special emergency call-out pay with our “SWAT” team, which can range as high as $35 to $40 per hour.

How does Trove work as a team?

  • When Trove caregivers assist clients in their homes, they do so with the support, resources, and admiration of a thoughtful oversight team behind them we refer to as “care mangers”.
  • Trove’s care managers are intimately in-tune with the needs of their assigned clients and provide real-time support to caregivers to help them address the specific needs of every client.
  • Trove utilizes a proprietary client-matching system that ensures that every caregiver is placed with a client at their skill level and care managers go to extraordinary lengths to make sure no caregiver ever feels like they’ve been left on an island with a client.
  • Our Director of Nursing develops in-depth plans of care for every client, and take time to coordinate with care mangers, so caregivers are ultimately well prepared for every assignment and very confident stepping across a client’s threshold.

How much experience is required to serve with Trove?

  • Training is certainly a plus, but don’t be afraid to apply if you lack a ton of formal experience.
  • Some caregivers arrive at Trove with a robust resume and list of certifications.  Some possess informal caregiving experience, such as caring for a relative or friend.  Others have no experience at all!
  • Whether you’re a certified nurse aide (CNA), personal care aide (PCA), nursing student, pure companion, or transitioning into home care from another industry, Trove excels at finding a role for anyone with the right heart disposition and willingness to learn.

What training does Trove offer?

  • We offer in-house training to ensure that every Trove caregiver is both comfortable with and capable of providing first-class care.
  • After assessing each caregiver’s skill level, Trove designs a specialized training path, dictated by the interests and ambitions of the caregiver.
  • Caregivers who wants to develop subject matter expertise in a particular skill, subject or condition can pursue additional certifications through Trove.  Examples of specializations include:
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care
  • Gait Belts
  • Hospice Care
  • Hoyer Lifts
  • Nutrition
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Post-Acute Care

Does Trove require caregivers to have the COVID-19 vaccine?

  • Trove caregivers are not required to get vaccinated, though it is strongly encouraged.  Trove clients may request only vaccinated caregivers on their care team, which may reduce opportunities for non-vaccinated caregivers on our team.
  • If you have been vaccinated, you may serve mask-less if permitted by CDC recommendations and the client.
  • If you have not been vaccinated, Trove requires you to mask when interacting with any client or Trove colleague.

Need More Information About Setting Up Care?

If you need immediate assistance, please call our office. Our team is ready to help.


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Trove is abiding by CDC recommendations to ensure safety from COVID-19 for our home care clients and caregivers.
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